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If you are looking for Mover service which are  Credible and Affordable  in Medan, you can use PT Medan Packing Mover. You may ask why you should you use PT Medan Packing Mover for your  relocation? PT Medan Packing Mover is one of the pioneer moving services in the Medan which was established since 1970, serving both domestic and international moving. In addition PT Medan Packing Mover is supported by professional, well trained and experienced packers team as well as quality packing materials . PT Medan Packing  Mover  are also a member of the In

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6 Most Convenient and Comfortable Home Moving Tips

One important step that can not be missed when going to move house is packing process. Often, overwhelmed and fogged even happened while packing; the items to be packaged, discarded, and donated or given to others become mixed. Therefore, it is important to have an organized and efficient packing plan as this will not only help you with the packaging, but also facilitate the loading and unloading of things quickly and smoothly upon arrival at the moving destination. Separate fragile / fragile units from heavy items Avoid packing fragile units such as glass and fragile u

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Safe Home Moving Tips

Having a new home would be a very fun thing for couples especially married couples. But for clean-up problems when going to a new house, it's often annoying and inconvenient. Moreover, it takes extra time and effort to quickly tidy up things and rearrange the entire furniture. Not to mention, the abundance of messy luggage boxes often leaves you emotionally and irritably. To solve this problem, there are effective tips for you who want to plan to move house: 1. Label Each Box Nothing is more annoying than ripping a box because you do not know what's in your crib. To make i