One important step that can not be missed when going to move house is packing process. Often, overwhelmed and fogged even happened while packing; the items to be packaged, discarded, and donated or given to others become mixed. Therefore, it is important to have an organized and efficient packing plan as this will not only help you with the packaging, but also facilitate the loading and unloading of things quickly and smoothly upon arrival at the moving destination.

  1. Separate fragile / fragile units from heavy items Avoid packing fragile units such as glass and fragile units with heavy items such as metal, aluminum, iron and wood items. You are also encouraged to use bubble wrap to wrap around fragile units so that items are not broken when traveling or transported.
  2. Label colors on different items One of the quick and powerful tips when packing is to label color on your stuff. For example, label blue for kitchenware such as ovens, pans, plates, cups; yellow for items in the living room, and so on. By doing these tips, you can easily identify each box or box, and you can load and unload moving items more quickly and efficiently.

  3. Pack the clothes and need for 2 weeks After packing all the items in the house, you are advised to pack your clothes and personal needs for 2 weeks separately. Instead of having to reassemble stuff that has been packed neatly, stacking your clothes, toiletries, and personal needs in another suitcase – Remind your family members to do it too!

  4. Packing ‘urgent needs’ or emergency kit This box or box contains items that will be used a few days before and after moving house. For example tissues, washcloth, cleaning materials, some daily utensils, cups, and others. These tips can make it easier for you when you arrive at a new home. (You do not have to scratch and unload the stack of boxes for a rolled-up tissue or a cup)

  5. Use garbage bags as containers of goods to be disposed of To prevent accidental wasting and other errors during packing, it is recommended to collect the units to be disposed of in a black garbage bag. With this, you can clearly distinguish which items will be packed and put in the box, and which ones will not be brought back to the new house.

  6.  Use Moving Services Can not be denied, the process of moving house is tiring. If you need help to move home, apartment, boarding house or office to help you. You can do truck rental & car box rental to facilitate the transfer process. PT. Medan Packing Mover offers moving services within and outside the city. So, wherever you will move, we are ready to serve.

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