Having a new home would be a very fun thing for couples especially married couples. But for clean-up problems when going to a new house, it’s often annoying and inconvenient. Moreover, it takes extra time and effort to quickly tidy up things and rearrange the entire furniture. Not to mention, the abundance of messy luggage boxes often leaves you emotionally and irritably.

To solve this problem, there are effective tips for you who want to plan to move house:

1. Label Each Box

Nothing is more annoying than ripping a box because you do not know what’s in your crib. To make it easier to recognize the luggage, when packing, label each contents of your box. This can make it easier for your work when tidying back the luggage. By labeling, you’ll know what’s in the packing box you’re carrying. Labeling the box can make it easier for you to re-check the items to be carried.

2. Measure the dimensions of each room before moving furniture.

When you want to set the room to be filled with furniture, it’s good you measure the area of ​​the room. Do not move furniture before measuring the area to be occupied. There are many advantages if you make measurements before moving the goods. First, it can prevent accidents that might make your furniture scuffed or scratched. It is also very helpful when you go shopping furniture, can know the size of the table and chairs that fit if you want to put in a room.

3. Measure your window

Along with the dimension, it is important to remember where the position of the window, because maybe you do not want to block the natural light source. Knowing the length of the window will also give you a better idea where you can put the desk chair and other furniture as well as wall ornaments ranging from paintings and family photos proportionally.

4. Ask friends for help

Ask friends for help to tidy up things and bring them to new places. It also depends on how much furniture you bring when moving. If not too much, help from close family may be enough. Because having more people to help will ease the burden.

5. Select the right time to move

Begin moving house when you have free time, such as on weekends. Try moving house in the morning. You can have a long time to carry heavy items.

6. Prepare the vehicle

If you are renting a truck, do a price check at least one week before moving home. So you can more freely bargain the rental price, so it can get the best price.

7. Do not move all items in one trip

If not possible, do not force to move all the goods in one trip. When packing should separate electronic items to be brought as TV, laptop, glass and other heavy items into a second trip. If possible bring electronic goods by car. Unless you are going to travel a very long distance, this method can usually work better, because electronic and glass items are very vulnerable to broken or damaged, so it should be more careful to carry them.

8. Protect the glassware

When moving, glassware such as dishes and glasses also need extra attention. Because wrapping dishes and glasses with newspapers is inefficient and time-consuming. In order not to break due to shock when in a truck or car, give a towel to the crib as a container. Next, stack the saucers and cups carefully in the box. Be sure to coat the bottom and top sides with a thick towel. Use as many towels as you need. In this way, guaranteed your glassware will be safe and secure during the trip. Try to transport it not using a truck, because the shock, can make it break.

9. Do not push yourself

After successfully transporting the goods to a new house, you must be dizzy to tidy up again. Do not push yourself too hard. Rest yourself before tidying up all the furniture. Because moving takes time and energy. If enough rest time you can unpack and rearrange your furniture.

10. Do not buy in a hurry

When shopping, you may see items that you think will fit if placed in a new house and immediately buy it. Try to resist the temptation, because a house that wants to be designed perfectly even takes time. Make sure you do not rush to buy additional furniture. Consider and adjust which items are more suitable and which are not appropriate for your home. Ideally, it will take you two months to replace some items that are appropriate for every room in your home.

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